This is a new patrol boat that we designed and built for ROK Coast Guard in 2012. It was designed to conduct comprehensive maritime security missions in port, harbour and coastal shallow water. The prime roles of the Patrol Boat 1200 are to Salvage, Patrol, and Arrestation in the jurisdiction branch region and to cover the 10 nm inshore where Large Patrol boats are restricted.

Excellent Mobility, Maneuverability and seaworthiness is a must necessity of patrol boat. This patrol boat has adopted rib type planning hull form in order to provide mobility and stability. The patrol boat has self-righting capabilities in order to increase the Safety and Survivability of boat and crew in heavy sea.

Hamilton water jet was selected to provide excellent maneuverability and shallow water capability. Foam type Fender was adopted to give impact mitigation. Also, it does not lose buoyancy even though it is punctured by sharp objects.

Rescue zone, dive zone and large non slip deck at stern and rescue cabin at bow provides convenient operating environment for the operators.