OPL 1000 was a new Rigid Inflatable Boat that we designed and built for ROK Coast Guard in 2012. The RIB was designed to conduct effective supervision of foreign fisheries. The ROK Coast Guard plans to annually replace six older & smaller RIBs with the OPL 1000 until 2017. This is due to mobility and maneuverablity as well as survivability of OPL 1000 exceeds the older Rigid Inflatable Boat.

This RIB has self-righting function and is equipped with Foam type Fender. The Foam Fender is adopted to give impact mitigation. Also, it maintains positive buoyancy when it is punctured by sharp objects.

The high freeboard at the bow prevents waves into the deck and also gives operator an easy access when mounting on the other vessel.

This RIB has many other features for effective operations. These are
• Remote Controlled tear gas mixed fire monitor
• Rescue zone at stern
• Non slip deck and fender
• Dual HD 180 deg. recorders
• Remote Controlled 65,000 Cd search light
• Navigation and Communication Equipment