SURFACE BOAT - Offshore Support Vessel

This Multi-Purpose Offshore Catamaran is designed by our partner company, Global Marine Design. The major role of the vessel is a combination of rescue, supply, maintenance, survey and crew transfer. The chief naval architect's patented AEROCAT hull, with deep forefoot and large volume keels, provides a vessel that is un-rivalled in speed and load carrying in its industry.

It has been in service since 2000 and has provided faultless year round performance in a heavy wear and tear industry.

The broad beam of 8.2 m gives deck area for cargo room in the fwd half and stability for cargo operations with the five tonne crange which makes this a excellent wind farm support vessel.

The multi-purpose offshore catamaran has a potential as a Passenger Class of long range cruising catamarans as it provides comfort cruise in adverse conditions. Also, the beam of the hulls has allowed four spacious two-berth cabins to be built within them. On the main deck is a large mess room and galley, sick bay and survey room, wash room and deck store. The deck above houses the master's suite and lounge facilities as well as the commanding wheelhouse.