• search and rescue boats
Fast Response Search and Rescue boat 1200 (FR SAR 1200) is a new search and rescue boat that we designed and built for ROK C.G in 2012. It was designed to conduct life saving, surveillance of maritime pollution, and to support maritime security during national events. Other roles of the FR Search and Rescue boat are to provide first aid to emergency patient, and to conduct research & development of salvage techniques.

Its high speed and superb sea keeping characteristics provide excellent savalge capabilities. Rescue zone, dive zone and large non slip deck at stern and rescue cabin at bow provides convenient operating environment for the operators. Also, a separate outside control station provides wide visibility necessary for search and rescue mission.

This Search and Rescue boat has self-righting capabilities in order to increase the survivability of boat and crew in heavy sea. This is critical feature considering salvage operation takes place in rough sea state.

Communications and detection equipment such as Auto Identification System, DGPS Plotter, VHF and RADIO enable FR SAR 1200 to perform not only search and Rescue missions but also, patrol and maritime pollution surveillance missions.

search and rescue boats