On April, 1981, Woojungsa, the first company specialized in Scuba Diving Equipment in Korea was established.

In 1993, Samcheok Yard was establieshed to build production line of dive suit and dry suit. By replacing the imported goods, public access to diving leisure got closer and it helped Scuba Diving market to expand in Korea. In mid-1990s, Woojungsa became the Korea's largest dive company with over 200 local distributors.

In 1996, Woojunsa developed Korean standard military dry suit. Step into military market opened up a ship building industry. RIBs were on high priority on procurement list and a potential in FRP boat were huge. We seized the opportunity and the first Korean RIBs were built through technology transfer from Delta Power Services in UK. In 1997, IMF crisis broke out and the imported boats have lost price competitiveness. The RIB market was quickly replaced with the domestic boats.

As Coast Guards' maritime Coastal patrol and rescue coverage expands, Coast guards needed a better patrol boat which can perform its full duty in rough weather. This need was fulfilled by the first Korean self-righting patrol boat. In 1999, Research and Development lab is established. To specialize in maritime solution provider of small special purpose craft, the company name was changed to VOGO. It means treasure house in Korean and it is related to a powerful maritime figure, Jang Bogo from Shilla period.

In 2000, VOGO pioneered a new Aluminum Ship building market in Korea. Through technology transfer from Sensation Yatch in New Zealand, 3 ton aluminum patrol boats were produced By 2003, more than 100 vessels were in service with Navy and Coast guard. The contribution to national coastal security, a medal was awarded from president Noh.

In 2005, despite the technical difficulties, the submersible was developed. In 2013, we developed the first Korean Submersible capable of operating both on surface and underwater. With consistent effort in R&D and challenge spirit, the big milestone was achieved. VOGO will continue on challenges to become the world best in small and special purpose vessels..